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Tanken med en lös foam liner är att man kan ta vilket pjäxskal som helst och göra en innersko som passar precis efter din fot. En foam liner tillsammans med ett skal som är rätt ger bäst prestanda och bäst komfort. Man kan till och med använda ert gamla pjäxskal och modernisera den med en ny foam liner.


Atomic Hawx XTD Mimic Professional liner combines injected PU foam compounds with revolutionary heat-moldable Mimic technology to create a customized fit that forms around the exact shape of the foot. A customizable V3 Tongue System allows you to select the ideal tongue thickness to suit your needs. The Hawx XTD Mimic Professional liner comes with the Medium Volume (MV) Fit Tongue, and a Low Volume (LV) Fit and High Volume (HV) Fit Tongue are available separately. Even the Carbon cuff is heat-moldable to your leg shape, providing comfort and stability. The Achilles Flex Zone allows the liner to articulate while touring and Dura Shield greatly improves the durability of the liner. The result is a perfected, supremely secure fit, delivering unrivaled comfort, and next-level performance. Compatible with all Hawx Ultra XTD boots, Hawx Prime XTD boots and similarly fitting competitor boots. Now 100% PVC-free.


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